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GUIDELINES FOR PLAYING CHESS (COTULENH)ONLINE ON GBA STUDIO ACCOUNT - Step 1 (Figure 1): You go to the website - Then you go to "Join the GBA Developers Team" to Register an account. - You provide Gmail; Username: your "nickname" (3-20 letters, no spaces, no numbers, no special characters); - Note in the box " choose a BGA studio user name" write the word "commanderchess" so that commander chess players can more conveniently communicate with each other. - Username: Commanderchess0 (=> please use this to login BGA Studio) - Username: Commanderchess1 - Username: Commanderchess2 - Username: Commanderchess3 - Username: Commanderchess4 - Username: Commanderchess5 - Username: Commanderchess6 - Username: Commanderchess7 - Username: Commanderchess8 - Username: Commanderchess9 - Password (for all accounts above): c916 - Then: enter your "nickname" name again in the Lower Row: Your Board Game Arena Username. - In the First Name section: you provide your real name, without accents (eg: Tuan Anh, Thi Khanh Ha,...); In the Last Name: you provide your Last Name, without accents. - In the Postal Address section, write your home address or provide the Zip Code of the city you live in (look it up on the Internet). - Then enter the security code, and check the box marked terms. - When successful: GBA Studio will send you an email including password IN PROMOTION SECTION ON MAIL. - Finally get the password and login to the website. (can login with name or gmail) STEP 2: (Figure 2) After having an account. Visit this link to login - choose 1/3 part is: simple game; real time and friends - then find the name "cchess" then click create" Click Play This Game Now. it will show you "create a new board" then click create button Then you adjust the level of play Campaign, Normal, Training in Game Mode. .When the chessboard appears, enter the name of the player in the Invite a friends box Playtime in Game Speed. The chessboard has Cong Binh chess pieces or no Cong Binh pieces. When playing after each of your moves, you must remember to click on the "confirm" sub-box. If you're going to play with me, go to the site's account, Commanderchess3.BGA Good luck !